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If a loved one in your family is disabled with a physical or mental disability or addiction issue, you may benefit from establishing a special needs trust. These trusts can help protect your loved one and ensure prolonged care for them in the event that you are unable to.

At O’Neil & Rueppel, LLP, our special needs attorney can help guide you to choose the right type of trust for your family, draft effective wills, and ensure that a secure estate plan is put in place to avoid probate and protect your loved one and their needs. We serve families throughout the Bay Area, and we would be happy to discuss what options may be right for you.

If you are a guardian, caregiver or parent, contact us at (415) 992-9452 and schedule a consultation with our team in San Francisco, Larkspur, or Berkeley.

Why Develop a Special Needs Trust?

When you consider drafting a special needs trust, you know you have your family’s best interests in mind, but bequeathing property and assets to a special needs heir could have potential complications. In some circumstances, gifting too much property or assets could be detrimental to the individual’s ability to obtain living allowances such as Medicaid and Social Security. Because of the sensitive nature of benefits, it is always suggested that you work with an estate planning attorney.

Having a special needs trust could be highly beneficial. O’Neil & Rueppel, LLP, can assist with:

  • Establishing education funds
  • Creating directives for medical care
  • Ensuring dental coverage
  • Providing funds for recreational outings, transportation, or pickup services
  • Supplementation for basic living needs like food, clothing, and housing

Having a well-planned and legally sound special needs trust can ensure that your loved one is properly cared for and help avoid a stoppage of government benefits.

Learn More about Special Needs Planning in California

When you choose to work with O’Neil & Rueppel, LLP, we will get to know you and your family and take the time to educate you on the benefits of special needs planning. We will review all of the governmental benefits available to your loved one and help create a trust that will assist your family without disrupting Social Security income or Medicaid.

To learn more about special needs planning, contact us at (415) 992-9452 and schedule a consultation today.

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