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Helping Families Through Trust Administration

Have you been named the trustee of a loved one’s trust? Beneficiaries and heirs may find the trust administration process overwhelming, which is why you need a personable and skilled lawyer. Administering a trust requires immense attention to detail and a deep understanding of trust and probate law. At O’Neil & Rueppel, LLP, we have helped many clients effectively administer their trusts. Our San Francisco estate planning lawyers will guide you throughout the process and represent you both inside and outside of court.

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Understanding the Responsibilities of a Trustee

When a trust is created, whether the trust is a revocable or irrevocable , a trustee must be named. The trustee is the individual that is responsible for all actions within the trust once the trust becomes active. In revocable trusts, the “successor” trustee will take over once the creator of the trust becomes incapacitated or passes away, while in irrevocable trusts the trustee often has immediate authority to act on behalf of the trust.

Our firm can assist trustees with:

  • Creating an inventory of assets and property
  • Distributing assets as named within the trust
  • Payment of debts
  • Record keeping
  • Resolution of estate related litigation
  • Complying with the notice requirements of the law
  • Taxes
  • Bank transactions
  • Review of wills and trusts
  • Unique aspects to special needs trusts

Each trust is different, just as each family is different, and having an experienced attorney on your side can make a difference. Let our San Francisco trust administration lawyers help you understand your role and allow us to guide you through the administration process.

Let O’Neil & Rueppel, LLP, be Your Guide

At this time in your life, you need to focus on your family and let an experienced representative from O’Neil & Rueppel, LLP, help you with the legalities of trust administration. Our firm will get to know you and your situation, review the trust in question, and help expedite the administration as necessary.

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